Juvenile Justice Jeopardy™

Juvenile Justice Jeopardy™

Critical knowledge to help kids stay safe and avoid legal system involvement

What is Juvenile Justice Jeopardy?

  • A prevention tool designed to maximize youth connection and engagement—and help them remember what they learn while playing the game.
  • A game show format that promotes group conversation, JJJ poses questions that challenge and correct youths’ misconceptions in an interactive back-and-forth with a knowledgeable Game Leader.
  • Youth get accurate information about the various topics related to the juvenile legal system, while participating in meaningful dialogues and fostering connection with peers and caring adults.
  • JJJ’s impacts have been evaluated in two articles published in peer reviewed journals: Justice Evaluation Journal and Journal of Prevention.

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Watch JJJ in action

San Antonio community comes together to protect their youth.

JJJ is used to tackle trauma.

SFY staff speaks about why JJJ is needed.

Why a game about the law?

  • Social media, rumors, music, and TV spread misinformation about the legal system to youth.
  • Despite the devasting consequences of legal system contact, our society has failed to standardize and deliver accurate information about the system and the pipelines into it.
  • JJJ fills this gap and ensures every young person has access to critical information that can empower them to keep their futures bright and hopeful.

Who Is JJJ for?

  • Designed to be played with youth, ages 12-18.
  • Structed to be led by local credible messengers, trained by SFY to be JJJ Game Leaders.
  • JJJ is played across 26 states, in classrooms, after school programs, summer camps, diversion programs, detention centers, and more.
  • JJJ is designed to fit into existing programs, as a tool in your community’s toolbox.

It was a fun way to learn, not only about police officers, but also specific laws and how they can apply to you if you are involved. I liked that it was a game instead of just a normal slideshow.

Versions: There's a game for that!

JJJ has been used to tackle numerous topics, including:

  • Street Game: Interacting safely with law enforcement
  • You Got This: Developing life skills for youth exiting foster care
  • School Game: Teaching school codes of conduct
  • Drugs and Alcohol Game: Addressing youth substance use and abuse
  • Understanding and managing trauma
See our full list of JJJ versions.

How Does It Work?

  • SFY customizes JJJ games, ensuring their legal accuracy and that they address the voiced needs of a community.
  • Using a train-the-trainer model, SFY staff trains local community members and peer leaders to lead JJJ games in their community.
  • All JJJ games are played using interactive, web-based game boards, and an in-person gameshow format, allowing youth to learn in a relaxed, fun, and engaging environment.
  • SFY provides Game Leaders with supportive materials and players with additional resources to support teaching and enhance learning.
  • The JJJ model is sustainable and economical – a one-time investment allows the program to grow organically in the community and replicate for years to come.

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