Youth Services App for Law Enforcement

Getting kids the help they need…
It’s all in your hands

So many calls for service to law enforcement can be easily cleared by helping families and youth find the social services they need. The Strategies For Youth Youth Services App equips officers with fast, easy access to local resources to make that happen. 

When your officers are faced with a teen in need of shelter, food, or other crisis services, they need to find those resources fast. The Strategies for Youth Youth Services App is customized for your service area to provide up-to-date categorized lists of services for youth and families.  

The Youth Services App gives your officers the ability to quickly review and choose the services that meet a youth’s needs and then either provide the youth with an information-rich referral or, when appropriate, ensuring that a “warm handoff” is accomplished.

Now with new Diversion Referral Feature!



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