Game Materials and Resources

Game Materials and Resources

Materials and Resources for Juvenile Justice Jeopardy™ Games

SFY pairs each JJJ game with a variety of materials and resources for Game Leaders and youth players to support teaching and enhance learning. Design the package of games and materials that is right for your community.

To discuss prices of JJJ games and game materials and resources, contact us at:
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  • Pre-/Post-Game Surveys
  • At What Age Can You Legally…
  • Gun Rules
  • Who Can Be Charged (Car Crimes)
  • What’s the Law?
  • Glossaries

Be Smart with Police Pamphlets

Help young people understand simple Do’s and Don’ts for how to safely interact with police with this accordion pamphlet. Paired with role playing skits the Do’s and Don’ts help youth internalize and embody these important concepts. 

These pamphlets are also available for purchase separate from the game. 

Think About It First! Cards

Created to help youth and families understand and navigate the complicated realities about who can access juvenile arrest and court records and the consequences of having these records.

Game Leader Guides

SFY equips and trains all Game Leaders to use a Game Leader Guide that pairs to their game boards. These Guides provide legal underpinnings, developmentally appropriate explanations, and discussion points and prompts to support their teaching.

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