Community Endorsements

Southern Poverty Law Center logo

Southern Poverty Law Center

“Strategies for Youth is a great advocate and colleague in promoting the constitutional, respectful treatment of youth by law enforcement.”

— Richard Cohen,
President, Southern Poverty Law Center

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Boston Centers for Youth and Families

“This was my second time inviting Strategies for Youth out to host the Juvenile Justice Jeopardy and just like the first time it was a great success. By far this is the best workshop my youth have engaged in and walk away saying they have learned something new! It provides my youth with another outlook on the law and makes some of them take a step back and think before they act or re-act to a situation. Every time I get a new group of youth in I engage them in the JJJ and will continue to do so as long as they are willing to accept us!”

— Michelle Brooks, Youth Worker,
Anthony D. Perkins Community Center, Boston Centers for Youth and Families


“Thank you  so much for crafting such an amazing  program, and allowing us the opportunity to be a part of it. It truly was an awesome event. The kids had an amazing experience, the impact and learning opportunity was simply invaluable, AND they loved seeing themselves on TV! We look forward to doing it again!”

— Shanna Smiley, Membership Director, Indy YMCA

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