Catch & Stun

The Use and Abuse of Conducted Electrical Weapons (CEWs) on Children

Use of Force
Federal Case Law Database

SFY created this Excel database to be easily searchable. We will update it with new cases and charts twice a year: in December and June. You can search cases by circuit, age of plaintiff, date of incident, date of decision, and by selecting particular words, e.g. “use of force” or “on bicycle” or “disability”

Taser Policies of Major Law Enforcement Agencies

What’s the policy for use of tasers in your jurisdiction? Strategies for Youth conducted a survey of 25 of the nation’s largest law enforcement agencies—police and sheriff departments—to identify existing policies regarding the extent to which agencies address if and under what circumstances tasers can be used on youth. As we plan to do with the caselaw database, SFY will update this database with more policies. 

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