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NOTEBOOK: Assemblyman Stec hears from area BOCES students

The second part of this article, the author discusses SRO oversight and a new report from Strategies for Youth has found less than half of states have legislation requiring SRO training with even fewer requiring de-escalation training or adolescent development training.

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School Resource Officers Lack Training, Effectiveness Questioned: Study

While the federal government has spent close to $1 billion to deploy police in our nation’s public schools, it remains “unclear how effective” the School Resource Officers (SROs) are in preventing the school tragedies that have rocked the nation for 20 years–tragedies that are used as a justification for their deployment, according to a new study from the nonprofit group Strategies for Youth (SFY).

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LPD officers, staff train on how to work with teens

Police officers encounter a variety of situations throughout the day and training for the wide range of circumstances is a never-ending job. Recently, statistics have shown that there may be specific reasons teens are a portion of the population that can begin with a calm situation that escalates quickly.

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Improving Law Enforcement/Youth Interactions in Times of Crisis

How is the current COVID-19 pandemic is impacting youth and their families? Experts provide recommendations for positive law enforcement response.

The webinar took place on April 21, 2020. Click the button below to watch the video and see the supporting materials.

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