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SFY Model Law Enforcement Policies for Youth Interaction

Improving Interactions Between Cops and Kids

Strategies for Youth is one of the few organizations in the country focused on the true front door of the juvenile justice system: interactions between youth and law enforcement officers. Recently, SFY published a collection of model policies for departments to use in making those interactions safer and more productive.

Lisa Thurau on Educating Disparate Audiences on the Chief Influencer Podcast

Quote of the Show: “We have to educate the kids and we have to educate law enforcement. And you gain legitimacy with both groups if you tell one you're training the other.” - Lisa Thurau

SFY Press Release

Strategies for Youth endorses the statement issued today by three advocacy organizations about the harm of unjust prosecutions of Black youth, and joins them in their call for immediate reforms, including legislation and law enforcement policies prohibiting the arrest of children. In view of the selective enforcement of law, the

Attitude with Arnie Arnesen, Podcast November 28, 2023

In the 2nd part of our podcast, we discuss law enforcement interaction with youth with our guest Lisa Thurau from Strategies for Youth. 90% of the offenses committed by youth are non-violent, but police are not trained to respond appropriately to youth offenders, who are developmentally different from adult offenders.

Scripps News, Focus Segment November 27, 2023

How should police handle it when young people commit crimes? A new poll by Strategies for Youth finds the majority of Americans believe there should be alternatives to being arrested.

Poll: Americans Wrongly Think Police Have Teen Arrest Guidelines

Washington, D.C. Even though most U.S. law enforcement agencies lack any guidelines about how to interact, interrogate, or arrest young people, 56% of Americans think agencies “probably” have written policies for youth interactions, a disconnect that leaves police, citizens, and communities vulnerable, according to Strategies for Youth (SFY), a national

Bismark Police outline use of force protocols in wake of deadly shooting of teen

Bismark, ND. Bismarck Police Department policy and procedures regarding the use of deadly force are based on state law and U.S. Supreme Court decisions, not a suspect's age, a spokesman said in the wake of a weekend incident in which officers shot and killed a teenager. The death of 17-year-old

Rebuilding relationships between youth, police

A new report from the non-profit Strategies for Youth calls for a wholesale re-evaluation of how America's law enforcement agencies deal with children and teenagers. Executive Director Lisa Thurau is Jim's guest on "The Final 5."

Joan Esposito, WCPT 820 Chicago, interviews Lisa Thurau from SFY

Shelley Jackson and Lisa Thurau wrote an article in Washington Monthly called, "Police need to do a better job with young people." Lisa Thurau joins us to talk about what can be done on both sides of the equation to make these interactions better.

Police Need to Do a Better Job With Young People

On May 25, 2020, in Minneapolis, Darnella Frazier, then 17, bravely recorded Derek Chauvin’s murder of George Floyd. Her shocking images circulated the globe and helped lead to the police officer’s conviction and, most recently, a Justice Department report examining the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) and its record of civil

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