Molly Stifler

Molly has been working for the Stifler Family Foundation since 2012, beginning as an advisor and project manager, then overseeing operations in 2019 and becoming the organization’s first Director in 2021. During Covid, Molly also worked as the Outreach Coordinator for the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum, which houses one of the rarest collections of meteorites on Earth, including the largest collection and pieces of the Moon and Mars. It’s also the only institution that allows visitors to actually hold a piece of the Moon and Mars!

Another one of Molly’s focuses includes her study of prison systems, particularly the health outcomes of pregnant incarcerated women and their babies. This interest led her to craft a social issue track with the Social Innovation Forum in 2016 aimed at reducing the recidivism rate, ultimately awarding the grant to Strategies for Youth after a multi-round selection process. Molly’s work with SFY has helped her recognize the need to mitigate police/youth interactions and reduce disproportionate policing of minority communities, and is looking to engage the next generation of philanthropists and thought leaders in seeking out innovative solutions to these long-standing structural problems. She has sat on numerous advisory boards and holds four Board Member positions with organizations that address social justice issues, closing the achievement gap, youth 4H programs and the environment. She currently resides at her home in Cambridge, MA and graduated with her B.A. from Dartmouth College in 2014.

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