• Juvenile Justice Training Report

    You’ve all been waiting patiently and now it’s finally here. If Not Now, When? A Survey of Juvenile Justice Training in America’s Police Academies is now available for download. Check out the fact sheet for some of our key findings, or read the full report to find out how officers are being trained in your state.

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  • Juvenile Justice Jeopardy

    Juvenile Justice JeopardyTM is a game created by Strategies for Youth. It’s aim is to teach teens the workings of the juvenile justice system, their rights and obligations, what happens in police/youth interactions and how to interact safely with law enforcement.

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  • Lt. Mark Gillespie Interview

    Lt. Mark Gillespie, of the MBTA Transit Police in Boston, describes a recent interaction with youth where he used a calm and interactive approach that led to a good outcome rather than an arrest. Strategies for Youth trains police in understanding the “teen brain” and Lt. Gillespie speaks about the effectiveness of the training he received using this example.

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Police officer and teen looking at chart during training session

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Strategies for Youth is an advocacy and training organization dedicated to improving police/youth interactions through community engagement, police training, outreach programs for youth, and proactive use of multi-disciplinary approaches to problem solve and build relationships between police and youth. Learn More»

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Policing The Teen Brain

Learn more about Policing the Teen Brain, SFY's signature police training program. Learn More»

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Teaching Teens

Check out Juvenile Justice Jeopardy, SFY's tool for helping youth navigate interactions with police. Juvenile Justice Jeopardy»

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I think all urban youth should play this game [Juvenile Justice Jeopardy]. I had no idea about 50% of this.”

– Jamal, age 15

The training gave me a better understanding on how to approach kids, how kids think, and will make me change some aspects of my approach in dealing with youth.

– School Resource Officer