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Our message is resonating and our trainings work. Yet funding for our work is hard to come by. We rely on philanthropic support from individuals. Please donate today.

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officer-with-teddybearOur In The Presence of Children Program

Strategies for Youth surveyed children whose parents/guardians were arrested in front of them. We asked them how this experience could have been less scary and terrifying. Children responded by asking for something soft to hold that would help them feel safe and less alone. Our In The Presence of Children Program supplies teddy bears for arresting officers or child advocates to hand to any children present during an arrest.

What Your Support Does

$25 enables us to purchase a teddy bear and provide officers in a city with necessary materials; $100 enables us to purchase 5 Teddy Bears. You can designate your donation to go directly to this program by donating through the In The Presence of Children campaign page.

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Trainer and youth at a police training session

About Strategies for Youth

Strategies for Youth is an policy and training organization dedicated to improving police/youth interactions through community engagement, police training, outreach programs for youth, and proactive use of multi-disciplinary approaches to problem solve and build relationships between police and youth.