Using Tasers on Youth Inspires a Shocking Lack of Action 10-22-18

In August, an 11-year-old African-American girl was tased by a Cincinnati police officer when he tried to apprehend her for shoplifting. The news was greeted, predictably, with dismay by officials there.

After all, most of the public does not like the idea of a small child being subjected to police force, particularly when she was fleeing from, not advancing toward, the police officer.

The responsible officer was put on restricted duty “pending the outcome of the investigation”; a City Council member tweeted that a child who poses no serious threat should “NEVER be tased. Period” and the police chief promised a “very thorough review.”

Equally predictably, pushback from the local Fraternal Order of Police president came quickly, reminding people that the tasing “was within our policy and procedure and guidelines.”

He was right. As it turns out, Cincinnati police policy allows the use of stun guns on children as young as 7. The vice mayor quickly introduced a motion to raise this age to 12.

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