Herald Bulletin 03-23-17

Letter To Editor: Policing Teen Brain Training Beneficial

On Feb. 6 and 7, approximately 25 police officers and youth care workers, representing Alexandria, Anderson, Madison County, Elwood and Pendleton police departments as well as the Madison County Youth Center, attended a training titled “Policing the Teen Brain.” This training, paid for by Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative grant funding, was developed and conducted by Strategies for Youth.

The training aims to educate police and others working with youth on adolescent brain development, to recognize and respond appropriately to youth presenting mental health, trauma and addiction issues, and to effectively assert authority with youth with reduced reliance on force. Participants also are introduced to various community serving organizations that can be utilized if needed.

The Madison County Juvenile Probation Department hopes to continue this training with the assistance of local law enforcement as trainers in the future. We would like to thank all of the agencies that allowed their officers and employees to attend the training in February and would especially like to thank the Alexandria Park Board for allowing the training to take place at the Emery Lee Auditorium.

Traci Lane
Supervisor Probation Officer
JDAI Co-coordinator
Madison County Juvenile Probation