Law Enforcement Endorsements

LaPorte (IN) Juvenile Court

Michael Callahan, JDAI Coordinator/QuestAdministrator, LaPorte County, Indiana
Chip Cotman, Director of Juvenile Court Service, LaPorte County, Indiana

“Strategies for youth has become a great partner for LaPorte County to develop stronger and more positive relationships between youth and Law Enforcement.”

LafayetteIN-PDLafayette (IN) Police Department

Kurt Wolf, Captain

Policing the Teen Brain has been the best training that I’ve been to for a long time. It has not only been put to use at work, it’s been invaluable when dealing with my own kids.” I have heard this from almost all of the Lafayette Police Officers that have gone through Policing the Teen Brain [training].


Tippecanoe County (IN) Youth Services

Rebecca Humphrey, Youth Services Executive Director and Tippecanoe County JDAI/DMC Coordinator

In Tippecanoe County, Indiana, we have witnessed a 31.7% decrease in total resisting law enforcement, disorderly conduct and battery against law enforcement charges from 2013 to 2015. The only thing that has changed during this time frame was the implementation of Policing the Teen Brain and Juvenile Justice Jeopardy in our community. These strategies impact how law enforcement approaches youth (Policing the Teen Brain) and how youth approach law enforcement (Juvenile Justice Jeopardy). In total, 228 people across Lafayette Police Department, West Lafayette Police Department, the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office, Purdue University Police Department and juvenile justice staff have participated in Policing the Teen Brain. Well over 300 youth have participated in Juvenile Justice Jeopardy to date. Through Tippecanoe County’s Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI), we have realized the need for improved relationships and understanding for youth and adults and we are pleased that Strategies for Youth has responded to this need with quality trainings for our community.

Indianapolis (IN) Metropolitan Police Department

Richard A. Hite, Chief of Police

IMPDTwo Indianapolis businessmen provided funding to replicate Juvenile Justice Jeopardy. They recognized that this game does what schools use to do, and then some. Our youth are rarely taught how to interact with police officers. This game, by simply teaching them how to behave and warning of consequences associated with their behavior, has been helpful in changing young people’s views of police interaction. This game has truly proven to be a Godsend for us.

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Los Angeles (CA) Police Department

Charlie Beck, Chief of Police, and
Robert F. Green, Deputy Chief Commanding Officer, Operations-South Bureau

LAPDIn addition to training officers, SFY’s approach connects officers with community based organizations that serve the youth. This makes officers realize there are alternatives to arrest and there are places in even most challenged communities that are safe havens for youth. When community leaders and police offer talk sense together with some of our city’s most vulnerable youth, the outcomes for public safety improve dramatically.

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MBTA-TPMBTA Transit Police Department, Boston, MA

Kenneth Green, Acting Chief of Police

…we had a zero tolerance policy that led to arrests of over 650 youth in 1999; 10 years later, our annual arrests were down to 74. That’s because our Officers had never been trained to work with youth. The training occurred 10 years ago but it impacts us to this day because it changed how we think about working with youth.

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Milwaukee (WI) Police Department

Edward A. Flynn, Chief of Police

MilwaukeePDUnfortunately, Milwaukee is a city where children are often exposed to violence, Strategies for Youth helped us address the negative impact of family violence by providing materials that officers can use to connect with kids and make police interventions less traumatic. Your Materials are unique and do not currently exist in the police repertoire.

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Virginia Beach (VA) Police Department

James A Cervera, Chief of Police

VBPDIn addition to the training, SFY helped us structure stronger relationships with youth serving community based organizations. Our officers were inspired and actually developed an app for officers’ phones which provides immediate information on program services for youth that can be used in lieu of sending youth to court—for services they are unlikely to get in the juvenile justice system. We’ve also rewritten our police procedure to reflect 21st century approaches premised on evidence-based research.

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