How To…

Strategies for Youth (SFY) created How to … pages in response to officers’ questions  at our trainings nationwide. SFY drafts each page and circulates it to experts in the field before posting it. We welcome your comments and questions on the pages, and invite you to send them to

How To Use SFY’s Think About It First! Cards

  • What are Think About It First! Cards?
  • Who’s using Think About It First! Cards?
  • How are Think About It First! Cards being used?
  • Who’s talking about Think About It First! cards?
  • Want a Think About It First! Card for Your State?

How To Have an Effective Conversation with Youth about Your Police Department’s Practices

  • Conversations will be most effective if officers…
  • Before having the conversation any department must establish…
  • What do you want youth to feel when you leave the room?

How To Avoid the Failures of Scared Straight Programs

  • So, what is a Scared Straight program?
  • But can someone really be Scared Straight?
  • If it doesn’t work, than why do people do it?

How To Understand Truancy

  • What is Truancy?
  • Is truancy a crime?
  • Involving Police in Reducing Truancy

How To Recognize a Sexually Exploited Youth

  • Definition of a Sexually Exploited Youth
  • How to Recognize Signs of Youth Involved in Sexual Exploitation
  • Important Resources

How To Explain Death to Children

  • Psychological Issues/Developmental Considerations
  • Perception of Death
  • Examples of Words to Use

How To Handcuff Youth

  • Applying Handcuffs in the Course of Arrest
  • Transport Procedures
  • How to Restrain and Protect Youth
  • Proper  Procedures