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Improve the Relationship Between Youth and Police

Lisa H. Thurau with Youth at police training sessionIf your community wants to improve the relationship between youth and police, including school police, Strategies for Youth has strategies to assist. SFY has extensive experience working with parents and community leaders to develop strategies to improve police/youth interactions through dialogues and relationship-building efforts, training sessions for parents and youth, and the development of community oversight mechanisms. Strategies include:

Juvenile Justice Jeopardy™ Games for Youth & Parents

This takes the Juvenile Justice Jeopardy™ game one step further to discuss police/youth relations in greater detail with parents and guardians. The game clarifies legal procedures, effective approaches for challenging conduct constructively, and ways to ensure that improvements are lasting. Learn More»

Getting a Handle on The Conflict

SFY helps communities address conflict through research, assessment of the sources of conflict, and facilitating dialogues between communities and police. Getting a Handle focuses on documenting the sources of conflict and developing approaches to reduce conflict through collective efforts, innovative responses, oversight, and sustained dialogue.

Youth/Police Programming

Strategies for Youth develops programming that offers structured opportunities for police and youth to meet and work together. Features of these programs include promoting employment with the police, service projects, mentoring and ice-breaking/relationship-building exercises.