For Communities

Police and youth at a presentation

Improving Police-Youth Interactions

Strategies for Youth works with communities to improve police-youth interactions. SFY helps to structure and facilitate constructive dialogues between law enforcement and communities that focus on moving forward and decreasing hostility and tension.

SFY also conducts comprehensive surveys for law enforcement agencies: compiling statistical, usable data on police/youth interactions, and effectively gauging police/youth relations. SFY also works to connect law enforcement with community-based organizations that provide viable, constructive alternatives to arrest and improve outcomes for youth.

Tools for Communities

Juvenile Justice JeopardyTM teaches teens how to interact respectfully with officers, as well as the short and long term consequences of their actions with officers and peers. Derived from the popular TV game show, Juvenile Justice JeopardyTM is a fun, interactive way for teens to explore what they think they know, to correct their misconceptions, and to discover important facts about the legal system.

Our Think About It First! cards, the brainchild of a veteran police officer, teach youth about the potential consequences of arrest and involvement in the juvenile justice system. Law enforcement and youth advocates say the cards are a great way to break the ice with youth and to begin a conversation.