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Systems Change Strategies: From Theory to Practice

“Systems change approaches” have become a mantra of the social sector. Communities feel the frustration with being “resource-rich and coordination-poor.” But what does taking a systems approach look like in action? How can communities move beyond programs to influence attitudes and beliefs, improve coordination, and change policy? (Strategies for Youth’s Policing The Teen Brain in School training is mentioned under Lesson 30

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The Gangs of Nantucket: The Story Of Henry Lemus Calderon

Who is Henry Lemus Calderon — a gang member or a choir boy? His friends and family on Nantucket insist that he is not gang-affiliated, but the youth who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border unaccompanied has been swept up in an ICE dragnet on the summer resort island.

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Teens Volunteer to Help with Police Training

Trauma comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s not always obvious – and comes from things like emotional abuse and the circumstances behind the problems. Often the best way to understand those who are different from us is to get to know them.

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Even After Controversial Police Killings, States Still Lack Youth-Police Policy Standards

Even after questionable killings of young black men in Cleveland, Ohio, Ferguson, Mo. and most recently, Houston, Texas, states have done little to establish uniform standards of conduct guiding police interaction with youth. That’s according to a new national report that was released this week by Cambridge-based Strategies for Youth. States lacking standards include Massachusetts.

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Report Calls on States to Set Guidelines for Cop-Youth Encounters

States play almost no role in setting standards for the way law enforcement agencies interact with young people, according to a nationwide survey released May 31. The lack of such standards represents a “missed opportunity” for helping youth avoid the harmful lifetime consequences of involvement with the justice system, according to the survey produced by Strategies for Youth, Inc., a Cambridge, MA-based nonprofit.

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Improving Law Enforcement/Youth Interactions in Times of Crisis

How is the current COVID-19 pandemic is impacting youth and their families? Experts provide recommendations for positive law enforcement response.

The webinar took place on April 21, 2020. Click the button below to watch the video and see the supporting materials.

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