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These Documents Show How Baltimore School Cops Are Trained to Be “Warriors”

Baltimore officials have launched a criminal investigation into a recent incident involving a city school police officer who slapped and kicked a 16-year-old boy in a hallway. In a graphic and profanity-laden cellphone video, which surfaced on Tuesday and quickly spread on social media, the teen stands with his back against a wall as the officer strikes him multiple times, yelling, “get the f*** out of here.” A second officer stands by watching.

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Uphill climb for school discipline reform in Virginia

Virginia legislators have rejected three bills crafted to limit school policing statewide, exposing a rift among GOP lawmakers, in particular, over a prominent criminal justice issue being debated across the nation. A pair of other related measures are still winding their way through the legislative process.

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Three Schools Among Top Places in County for Crime Reports

Police are writing more crime reports at three local schools than almost any other location in the county. The Island Packet and The Beaufort Gazette analyzed every non-traffic crime report filed in Beaufort County in 2014 and ranked the addresses where the most reports were written. The county’s two Walmarts were the two top spots for crime reports, as reported Wednesday. Three schools, all in Beaufort, also made it into the top 10.

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Crime roundtable: Take Care of the City’s Youth

If the city wants to solve its crime problem, it needs to improve the way it handles juvenile criminals. That was the re-occurring theme of a police roundtable of elected officials, community activists and police officers held Wednesday….

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Report says Virginia should require school police training and alter laws to reduce arrests

Public Integrity investigation revealed Virginia’s high rate of arrests
Legislators should rewrite state codes to reduce Virginia’s high rate of arresting young students, child legal-rights advocates argue in a new report. Staff at the Virginia Legal Aid Justice Center contend that the commonwealth’s existing statutes allow police to easily intervene in school discipline disputes and criminalize typical childhood misbehavior.

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Improving Law Enforcement/Youth Interactions in Times of Crisis

How is the current COVID-19 pandemic is impacting youth and their families? Experts provide recommendations for positive law enforcement response.

The webinar took place on April 21, 2020. Click the button below to watch the video and see the supporting materials.

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