Fox Carolina, 06-30-17

Greenville Co. Deputies Play Juvenile Justice Jeopardy with Kids at Youth Camp

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office and Strategies for Youth are partnering to launch a new game at the Marcus Whitfield Summer Camp Youth Summit.

The game is called Juvenile Justice Jeopardy (JJJeopardy). Based on the popular game show, deputies said the game will teach kids how to handle interactions with police and show how an arrest can impact their futures.

Kids, sheriff’s deputies, civilian personnel, and volunteers will play together Thursday and Friday at Berea High School.

“It is important that youth and law enforcement interact in a positive way. The JJJeopardy game helps to set the foundation for a better relationship by bringing youth factual information about how to behave toward police,” Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis said in a news release. “We want to make sure youth in Greenville County have the information they need to avoid escalating interactions with officers. And we want to fill the gap and make clear to youth the consequences of engaging with their peers in situations. This game teaches young people this information.”

Lewis said parents are also encouraged to come out and play the game.

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