Molly Stifler

Molly has been working for the Stifler Family Foundation since she began as an advisor and project manager in 2012. She has since stepped into her role overseeing Foundation Operations and spearheading multi-year project engagements. One of her focuses includes her study of prison systems, particularly the health outcomes of pregnant incarcerated women and their babies. This interest led her to craft a social issue track with the Social Innovation Forum aimed at reducing the recidivism rate, ultimately awarding the grant to Strategies for Youth after a multi-round selection process. Molly’s work with SFY has further helped her recognize the need to mitigate police/youth interactions, and is looking for ways to engage the next generation of philanthropists in seeking out innovative solutions to these long-standing structural problems. She has sat on numerous advisory boards and holds three Board Member positions with organizations that address closing the achievement gap, women’s holistic health and youth 4H programs. She currently resides in Cambridge, MA and graduated with her B.A. from Dartmouth College in 2014.