Annotated Bibliography

Strategies for Youth’s work is enriched by the research and scholarship of professors, stakeholders, and others in the juvenile justice field. The research listed in this annotated bibliography is offered as a resource for advocates, police, and concerned citizens. We understand that this listing is not comprehensive and welcome submissions of articles to be added to this list.


We are grateful for the hard work of the following interns in preparing the summaries of these articles:

  • Sia Henry (Harvard Law School, Class of 2014)
  • Amanda Knightly (Northeastern University, Class of 2019)
  • Luke Liacos (Boston College Law School, Class of 2015)
  • Yacine Sarr (Boston College, Class of 2019)
  • Frances Snellings (Bates College, Class of 2018)
  • Hannah Stenberg (B.S.W, Simmons College, Class of 2018)
  • Courtney Waugh, (Bond University in Australia, Class of 2014)