Psychologist Consultants

Dr. Jeffrey Aaron, Psychologist Training Consultant
Dr. Jeff Q. Bostic, Psychologist Training Consultant
Dr. Jeffrey Burnett, Psychologist Training Consultant
Dr. Laurie Cyr-Martel, Psychologist Training Consultant
Dr. Daniel J. Flannery, Psychologist Training Consultant
Gary Stanoff, Psychologist Training Consultant
Dr. Linda Watt, Psychologist Training Consultant

Dr. Jeffrey Aaron
Psychologist Training Consultant

Jeffrey Aaron is Facility Director at the Commonwealth Center for Children & Adolescents, of the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services. He is a clinical and forensic psychologist. Dr. Aaron is Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry & Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia Medical School, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia, and associate faculty at the Institute of Law, Psychiatry & Public Policy at the University of Virginia.

At CCCA, Dr. Aaron worked as a psychologist at CCCA for 14 years and was the Clinical Director of an adolescent unit, the Forensic Coordinator, and the Chair of the Ethics Committee. Dr. Aaron has a private practice in which he conducts forensic psychological evaluations of adolescents and adults, and has served as an expert witness in Juvenile and Circuit courts across Virginia, and a consultant to the US Department of Justice. Areas of forensic specialization include adolescent decision-making, mitigation, juvenile transfer, evaluating confession evidence, trial competency, posttraumatic stress, and juvenile justice.

He has published in the areas of coping with stress, trauma, and forensic psychological evaluation, provided invited testimony before the Virginia House and Senate, and has presented across the Commonwealth on topics including forensic mental health evaluation, adolescent development and legal decision-making, coping with traumatic loss, and clinical assessment of children and adolescents. Dr. Aaron was a member of the Mental Health Workgroup of the Governor’s Task Force on School and Campus Safety, and currently serves on the Charlottesville Albemarle gang intervention project known as Gang Reduction through Active Community Engagement.

Dr. Jeff Q. Bostic
Psychologist Training Consultant

Jeff Q. BosticDr. Jeff Q. Bostic holds a medical degree from Texas University School of Medicine, and performed his residency at the Timberlawn Psychiatric Hospital. Jeff is the Director of the School Psychiatry Program for Child & Adolescent Psychiatry at the Massachusetts General Hospital. He also served as Medical Director of the Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Project, in which psychiatrists were on call to assist pediatricians at the MGH site.

Jeff’s website aims to advance service collaboration among clinicians, educators, and families for recognizing and working with children with behavioral and mental health issues in schools. To date, he has served as a consulting psychiatrist to the Andover, Boston City-on-the-Hill Charter School, Lexington, Lowell, Silver Lake, Wellesley, Westwood, and Winchester school districts.

Jeff has been a member of the Child Psychiatry Residency Training Committee for MGH and McLean Hospital since 1997. He served as the training psychiatrist for the police training initiatives of Strategies for Youth with the MBTA Transit Police in Boston, the Cambridge Police Department, and the Everett Police Department.

Dr. Jeffrey Burnett
Psychologist Training Consultant

Dr. Burnett has over twenty years of experience treating the full range of psychiatric diagnoses in children, adolescents and adults across outpatient, inpatient, residential, and medical settings. He consults with local juvenile detention centers, correctional facilities and police departments, and has worked with Strategies for Youth presenting the Policing the Teen Brain training since 2015. Dr. Burnett currently specializes in clinical and forensic evaluation of children and adults for the courts, child protective services, juvenile justice center and local schools. Dr. Burnett received his Ph.D. in psychology at the University of Missouri.

Dr. Laurie Cyr-Martel
Psychologist Training Consultant

Dr. Cyr–Martel has over 35 years of experience in the field of emergency services and mental health and wellness. This includes several years as a paramedic. Dr. Cyr-Martel graduated from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, which allowed her to serve with Lewiston Police Department in Maine for several years as their forensic behaviorist. Currently Laurie is a full-time faculty member for the Social and Behavioral Science Program with the University of Southern Maine.

As a Doctor of Behavioral Health and a Licensed Clinical Counselor, her private practice “Health Strategies Consulting”, serves all Public Safety, First Responders and their families. She has created and continues to present numerous trainings for Paramedic Programs, Community organizations, Juvenile Fire Setters Program for the State of Maine, New England Council on Crime and Delinquency, Regional 911 Communication Centers, Judicial Marshalls, Law Enforcement and consults with Crisis Negotiators within the State of Maine.

She is a member of and trainer for ICISF, (International Critical Incident Stress Foundation) and has served on the Central Maine Critical Incident Debriefing Team over 25 years, a member of the New England Crisis Negotiators Association, The American Counseling Association, and The American Mental Health Counseling Association.

Dr. Daniel J. Flannery
Psychologist Training Consultant

Daniel Flannery is the Dr. Semi J. and Ruth Begun Professor and Director of the Begun Center for Violence Prevention. Research and Education at the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences (MSASS) at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU). From 1998 through 2011 he served as founding Director of the Institute for the Study and Prevention of Violence at Kent State University. He is also a licensed clinical-child psychologist, a member of the graduate faculty of the University of Notre Dame, and a Professor of Psychiatry and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Case Western Reserve University/University Hospitals of Cleveland. His primary areas of research are in youth violence prevention, the link between violence and mental health, and program evaluation. Dr. Flannery has trained officers in Policing the Teen Brain since 2015. He received his Ph.D. in 1991 in Clinical-child Psychology from The Ohio State University. His work has appeared in a variety of outlets including Developmental Psychology, The New England Journal of Medicine, Criminology & Public Policy and Psychological Review.

Gary Stanoff, LMFT, MA
Psychologist Training Consultant

Gary Stanoff brings more than 25 years of experience as a mental health Gary Stanoff brings more than 25 years of experience as mental health professional leading a variety of school-based programs. Currently, he is treatment coordinator for the Youth Services Section of the City of Vacaville Police Department in California, overseeing a school-based counseling program for at-risk teens and their families. He is a clinical supervisor providing training and mentoring to graduate and post-graduate marriage and family therapists and licensed clinical social workers. He also works closely with law enforcement implementing a school-based diversion program.

As a consultant to a number of local school districts, Gary provides clinical supervision and training to school counselors and administrators, including suicide prevention training. Gary has taught 10-week Parent Project classes for parents for nearly 20 years. Finally, he has also worked for a number of local law enforcement agencies, leading critical incident debriefings, trainings, and providing therapy for first responders.

Gary lives in Northern California, is married and a father to a teenage boy.


Dr. Linda Watt
Psychologist Training Consultant

Linda Watt PhD is a licensed psychologist specializing in treatment of adolescents. She received both her Bachelor of Arts degree and Masters in Psychology from Boston College. After working briefly for the social service agency in Massachusetts, she became the clinical director of a Massachusetts Department of Youth Services (DYS) girl’s detention facility in Boston for five years. During that time she returned to school for her PhD in psychology from Northeastern University.

Dr. Watt has conducted court evaluations for DYS, served as the regional clinical director of three secure facilities for boys, and as the regional clinical coordinator overseeing the clinical services for the southeast region of Massachusetts until 2012. Linda is an adjunct professor at Northeastern University in their graduate psychology program and consults at a community college in the area of threat assessment. Linda‘s areas of expertise include adolescents with behavioral issues, sexual offending, gangs and fire play.

Linda works within school systems, and currently is the School Psychologist for a public school in Taunton, Massachusetts. She also has a private practice with a focus on individual and family therapy and risk assessments for youth charged with sex offenses and fire-setting.

Linda has more than a decade of training experience within DYS on the topics of mental health, suicidality, gang issues, and behavior management; Linda has also trained at the Massachusetts Department of Corrections in the area of mental health and gender.

Linda has trained police officers for Strategies for Youth since 2012 in California, Connecticut, Indiana, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Virginia, and Wisconsin.